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image produced and copyrighted by Kynekh Amagire

You enter a misty wood, unable to see but a mere three feet in front of you.  There is a strange green-hued mist hanging on the stangant air.  The silence is broken with your disturbing of the underbrush, and a tiny firefox scampers out of your path.  You are startled when the repetitious crackling of the branches and roots under your feet are suddenly replaced by a squishing noise as your foot slowly sinks into the soft mud. Soon after, a tiny cloud of bright green lights dances around your head.  With a closer look you realize they are only bog faeries and pay them little mind.  The air remains still as a few rays of sunlight seep through the lush canopy.  You slowly look around, careful not to disturb the silence of this strange place.  Although you can not see it, the resident of this little bog is watching you carefully.  As you make your way around the edge of the bog, you seem to disregard your footing and fail to notice the jut-out of the murky water in front of you.  You tumble face first into the bog and find yourself seeing a whole new world beneath it's unwelcoming surface. It is much deeper than you had expected, about fifteen feet around the algae caressed sides of the bog, sloping down to about three times that in the middle. The waters are clear and bright dispite the lack of sunlight above the surface.  Several tiny water nymphs are huddled behind and peeking shyly through a lavander formation of coral directly ahead. There is a slight shift in the movement of the water from behind you.  When you turn and look behind you there is nothing out of the ordinary, just a pair of purple lobsters and a scarlet sea anenome lazing about. When you turn back to watch the sea nymphs, you are startled by a very large creature.  Floating in front of you is the ruler of these waters as well as it's above counter-parts. Here hovers bright-eyed Unakavierde.  

image created and copyrighted by Misoura


^ this is lillian. she is the guardian of the artwork here. DON'T TOUCH THE ARTWORK!

ATTENTION - the images and art featured on these pages were produced by my friends.  Don't try and steal them, alter them, or claim them as your own.... because if you do.......The Wrath of Unakavierde will fall upon your shoulders.  So don't even try it.  You see Lillian up there?  She's watching you!  She'll see if you take anything and then you'll be in some deep shit.  *clears her throat*  Enjoy the artwork adorning these walls, just don't touch them.

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