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About that Una-chan
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Tis a picture of ~ME~ at my family reunion last summer. *grins*

Well.....where to start o.O  hrrrrms *ponders* 
I am a 15 year old high school sophmore whom deeply enjoys art, writing, and of course - roleplaying. *chuckles*  I am hippocampus otherkin, (incase you didn't notice.....that's Unakavierde.)  and am a proud member of the Gryphon's Guild, Beyond Reality, Mystery Howls, and the Therianthropy LJ community.  I was playing d&d and mtg for awhile, but certain events have caused me to withdrawl from the sessions.  (namely the fact that a few other members of the group are morons.)  I have two sisters (both younger) ages 13 and 9 *huggles her sisters*  heh heh heh :-)  In school, I am basically the quiet, semi-antisocial, artsy girl.  Until, that is, you get me around my friends *mischievious look* then I am practically hyperactive and VERY loud  o.O  
I am also a member of my school's art club and currently enrolled in Art 2.  My favorite art media would have to be prismacolor colored pencils, *swoons*  I loooooove those things! *huggles her 48 pack*   As you probably noticed, I don't have much art up at all.  That would be because I  personally don't have a scanner.  I have been using the school's scanner, and although I have scanned in about 12 images, the odd computers we have will only allow me to save certain ones to floppy discs to bring home o.O 
I have 6 soul sisters from the Gryphon's Guild : Senaee, Misoura, Aurora, Swiftclaw, Foxfur, and Nanashi.  All are very dear to me, I don't know what I would do without them *little grin* 
I like: well....obviously all of the things mentioned above (i.e. roleplaying, art, and writing) but I also like chinese food, salty turkey, pumpernickel bread with spinach dip (odd-ball-Una!), fishing, camping, english horseback riding (although I really haven't had a chance lately), reading (only when I'm not forced to), trying to help other people, BEING STEALTHY ^_~, hot showers, just about any kind of music (except rap >.<), debating things, daydreaming, sketching during all of my classes *innocent look*, proving my point, dreaming, big comfty hoodies, and about a thousand other things ^_~
I dislike: art thieves, people who act like they know what they are talking about when they really have NO idea, people who call "hippocampi" - "hippocrapi" *flattens her ears back*, steak, snow, cold days, swimming in gym class, people who worry about their reputations too much to have any fun, ex-friends who used to be your "best buddy" and now are all snobby, having to carry around 5 books at a time through crowded halls, injustices, the smell of smoke, being poked at, and a whole bunch more but I'll just stop there before I end up ranting.
That's about all I can think of to tell you about me -so I will talk breifly about Unakavierde!  *grins*  Una is (as described on the first page) not very flashy.  But then again, she has no need to be.  I fabricated the name "Unakavierde"  all I really know about her is that she belonged to the tribe of "Alsumae'" - Therefore I use that as her last name.  Her "true" first name has never been revealed to me, but I do not think I could call her anything else and have it still feel the same about her.  To me, she always has been and always will be Unakavierde Alsumae'. 
Physically, Una is about 18-20 feet in length.  Her ears are slighly longer than normal equine ears, darkening at the tips slightly.  Her body and tail are that of bay, as are the spike-like projections between her fins.  Stretched between these "spikes" are green webbings (a.k.a. - her fins) , the same color green that her eyes happen to be. As you look down her muzzle, the skin becomes a darker shade of brown.  She is slightly muscular with a tail that could be issued as a dangerous weapon in a court of law *chuckles*  Tail fwapping is one of Una's favorite things!  Many people like to depict Una with a brown front half and a green back half (as you can easily see if you look around at these pictures), and while I agree that hippocampi do look very good that way, Una is all brown with the exception of her fins and her eyes.  
Unakavierde knows of no other hippocampi, although she would most certainly like to meet another individual who was of the hippocampi kin as would I. *smiles*  I sometimes call her the "Forgotten Alsumae'"  because although she belong to the tribe of Alsumae', she never knew another member.  She basically lead a solitary life, in her little bog as described to you on the first page of this site.  That has all changed, however, thanks to the Gryphon's Guild!  And she found the Gryphon's Guild thanks to Foxfur Swiftwing *snugs her soul sister*  I don't know what I would be doing right now if I had never found the guild.....probably drawing....*flicks her ears*  but luckily, I don't have to think about that ^_^ 

Una and sis
lookit! it's me and mah younger sister! (and no, Una does not have super short hair, it's just up!)

at the reunion ^_^ NOTICE THE MIKE'S HARD LEMONADE!!!! *laughs*