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The thundering of a thousand panicked legs woke me suddenly from a light slumber. We were taught in our regiment to sleep lightly, the need for it had never showed itself before, but I could now understand why we were made to do this. I tightly fastened my hair with a leather tie and scurried out to meet the others.

You might thing, as you read this account of actions, that you have never before seen such creatures as my kin. The truth is, however, that ours was the only branch of the species to evolve so quickly and efficiently. You have seen our cousins, I can assure you. Many people fear them for their appearance, or perhaps many people are just intimidated by an animal that eats others from the inside out. Whatever the case may be, spiders are hated by the majority, squashed and tormented. Their webs knocked down. Kind evolution had allowed my particular family to become something more. We were a proud race, a race never to be forgotten. Not simply spiders, but half spider and half man. Arachnid fighting machines, armed with venom and a blood lust, we were very powerful.

Into a domed and dimly lit room in our nest we scuttled, for that is exactly what it was. Our nest worked much like that of a bee. Every individual had its own cell, tunnels lead to large gathering rooms, such as this one. The only difference between most honeyhives and our nest, is that our home was deep underground. The only light admitted was the ration necessary, and produced by our loyal allies, the fireflies. The nest itself had been created nearly three centuries ago, the tunnels now had a worn appearance, due to so many bodies going through them over the years. This particular room, however, held our queen. She was not, as some might think her, a lazy commander of the troops whom sits in the nest laying eggs. That is not how our species was designed.

All females lay eggs, all eggs are treated the same until hatching. The tiny kin of mine were then sorted into one of three occupations; a burrower, a fighter, or an imperical. The first two options are self explanatory, but the third is a very high honor indeed. To be an imperical meant your bloodline reached all the way back to the beginning of the colony. It also meant you were more than just a fighter, you were the human equivalent of a sniper unit. Although we obviously did not use guns, but rather our spitting venom qualities to reduce the number of enemy armies. I was an impercial, respected by all members of our nest.

It was on this frantic morning that our queen was standing upon a ledge, high above our heads, but not so high as to restrict our vision. You would probably think that there was an amazing amount of noise, our nest being six million members strong, all in one room. However, our kind was taught to have the deepest respect for our queen, the only sound heard was the steady thud of legs shifting. A certain potency was growing inside of me, now. What was all this about? I wondered to myself. My question was very soon answered by my queen. She reared herself up in the air, four legs balancing her on the ground and the remaing four flailing powerfully. Her body relaxed itself and she spoke to us in a thin, metallic tone.

"My brothers, my sisters, we have fallen under attack." her eyes washed over our reactions. "The Goblin emperor has decided to test our strength!"

I snarled then, the Goblin emperor. How pathetic an attempt to squander our power this was, I thought. The Goblins were a pitied and very disliked race. They had no allies now, although once they had. During their revolt of our queens correlation, the other races soon held a rather grim light over the emperor. How could he think he possibly stood a chance? My queen continued to give us details of the attack, there were fifteen of ours being held hostage. The impericals were chosen to extract them from the grasp of the goblins while the fighters and even the burrowers were sent to be armed.

Through the tunnels our bodies scurried, we would show this Emperor his fatal mistake. My regiment broke off from the main tunnel into several other smaller ones in pairs of two. My partner was a strong and courageous warrior, her name being RuKlenia. She stood a little shorter than I, with a much stockier frame due to her parents bodies. We made our way to the surface, where our eyes all winced at once at the bright light. Our troops exploded wildly onto the battlefield, to meet those of the goblins'.

RuKlenia and I kept to the shadows, getting ourselves into the best viewing position. I narrowed my eyes on the scene, thousands of bodies similar to mine, throwing themselves against the goblins weapons for the good of the nest. Such an inspirational sight, indeed. I began scanning for our hostages, they were being held at the feet of the Golbin Emperor himself. How angry I became, my kin, chained to his throne.

My queen came charging out of the tunnels, bearing swords of the sharpest kind. Her wrath began to unleash upon the goblin troops, she was quite a fighter. My eyes swung back over to the leader of the goblin troops, he held the chain that bound my brethren in his arrogant hands. A fire unlike any other kindled inside of my heart, I wanted to personally rip his throat out. My acid glands throbbed, I was ready for this. I motioned to RuKlenia, she too had been watching the goblin king, and was quite upset at it herself. We cut our way behind the shadows and directly behind the goblin. What kind of protection is this? He didnt even have any guards! Upon either side of him we crept quietly, until I could bear it no longer. With a war cry louder than any other, I lunged forewords and released my acidic hiss upon his stunned expression. He writhed and rubbed at his eyes, screaming all the while until his last breath was spent. My dear family cried with joy as my partner unfastened their bindings. The goblin troops turned on us after hearing the awful roar of their master. RuKlenia quickly gathered the hostages and ran as fast as she was able towards the nest. The queen had caught sight of our triumph, and had began to call back the forces. Like a retracting wave of the sea, our troops lifted to reveal many fallen and dead bodies left in our wake. Even with such a victory, I simply could not resist the though of such a meal as this goblin emperor would make. My spinerettes simply burned to create a death bed for this beast. My work was quick and efficient, I then gathered up the emperor, and began to drag him to my home. There was little resistance against my acid kisses towards the goblins. Untouchable, that was what our forefathers had made us, I was very glad of this now. Each drop of my vicious tongue burning and blinding the enemy. RuKlenia returned to me, and together we carried our kill into the nest. A high pitched roar of harmony sounded, each family member shouted after having once again tasted sweet victory. The celebration lasted long into the night, ending with a special feast of goblin.

We had done it. Our proud fighting race had done it again. Our power surged from our nest, creating an invisible shield of dominance around each of its members.