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The birds watched from the lush canopy down at me. A vast array of colors, each with its own degree of vibrancy and texture. They watched, chirping lightly as I made my way through the main waterway. The flowers bloomed all around me, sending the most delicate scents through the air calling to the bees. The calm tropical air nuzzled against my muzzle and over my fins. Such a brilliantly beautiful day! Today I made my pilgrimage to the Dersea Bay, a lovely little place with the warmest water for miles. The bay had its own atmosphere, a bubble kept the warm thermals directly above the water. I had made friends with the resident dolphins a few years back, it had now become my favorite relaxation spot.

I drifted into the bay lazily, allowing the currents to move me where they would. How I enjoyed the water here. I ducked my head under the surface to reveal the best part of this little nook, Coral City. The colors exploded loudly into the calm water, each demanding attention with its pigments. I had been there but once, on my first trip to Dersea Bay the dolphins had taken me there to relax. The currents nudged me along towards the brightness. Soon, I arrived at the gates, where several native dolphins greeted me gleefully.

"Welcome back, Una dear!" a lavender one chirped.
"We have been waiting some time to hear from you again," exclaimed a pale orange individual. "glad to see the currents have been kind to you!"

Many happy greetings were shared between the natives and I, after all, they had saved me some time ago. The had acquired their graceful colorings through heredity, it is said that the temperament of one of these newborn dolphins can be predicted simply by their color.

The rainbow band of dolphins ushered me gently through the gates and into the city, a most wondrous sight. Things had not changed one bit since I had last entered. The same complex coral structures towered all around, the same currents gliding through the water. The only difference was a strange chirping that I had never before heard in the chorus of dolphins swimming about. After wishing my greeters farewell, I began to follow the new voice. Over the buildings and under the fixtures I was lead, until an opening ahead revealed the owner of the voice.

On a bright orange ledge lay a most beautiful creature. Filled with curiosity, I slowly moved towards her. She tilted her head at me, apparently I was not as stealthy as I had hoped to be. A bright flash of blue eyes washed over me. I could tell now, she was no ordinary dolphin, but rather an anthromorph of some sort. Her hands were elegantly webbed, and unlike most other dolphins here, she was simply grey shades rather than colored. A visible bulge in her middle revealed that she was pregnant.

With a high pitched clicking noise to clear her throat, she spoke to me.
"Well, hello there!" her voice was as radiant as the city itself, even if she was not a native. Her silver colored tail swished gently from side to side as she spoke. "May I ask who you are, lone hippocamp?"

With a sweep of my tail I was within three feet of her.

"Of course you may ask," I chuckled thoughtfully. "I am a friend of the dolphins here, I only live a little ways off. My name is Unakavierde Alsumae. " I offered her a fin, which she took between her hands and shook kindly.
"Well then, that is a darling name. My name is Nauta Sinneau, nice to meet you." she smiled warmly and rested her hands lovingly on her belly. She was pregnant, all right.

We spent the day sharing stories of our homelands. She lived around the bend in the Cove of Many-Moons. A place I have never been taken as of yet, but promised I would visit sometime. From her descriptions of it , the place sounded simply perfect. Her swimming had been slightly impaired by her pregnant state I could tell.

"Would you like a ride, Nauta? Im sure you must want to relax a bit." I offered. She flashed me a quite pleasant smile and bowed her head.
"Certainly, if you wouldnt mind."

"It is of no trouble, I assure you."

She carefully shifted herself up onto my back, where she clutched my fin-mane to steady herself. Through the crystal waters we traveled, spinning gently through the light currents. A soft barrelroll proved easy enough even with a rider. We were joined shortly by three young dolphins. One of mint, one of pastel yellow, and one of periwinkle. The mint, whom was obviously the leader of the small group, nuzzled at Nautas stomach momentarily, before squealing with delight and swimming back to his companions.

The day trailed off into the evening, and I kindly took my leave from the Coral City. I bid my farewells to all of the residents as well as to my new friend Nauta. In her webbed hands I had left a pale olive shell, an access key to my part of the waters any time she felt like visiting. I looked forwards to the day she assured me I would meet her child. Such a beautiful creature it was destined to be, I was certain, just like its mother.

<Nauta Sinneau is (c) HERSELF!!!!!!! no stealies!>
<Story and writing (c) Una>