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Daetrin University of the Arts
About Daetrin

Student Visas

Student visas are required by law in order for international students to attend DUA. They must be presented by the students guardian to the Dean (Nathan Fierro) personally, or will not be accepted.


The library on campus is open and available to all DUA students. Our library is filled with the knowledge of both the past and present, things our students will need for their futures. Our Online library also makes it easy for students to learn without going to the library itself.

Student Life

Students in need of housing are able to rent a dormitory on campus. We offer spacious, well kept rooms - and we do expect them to stay that way. Each room is equipped with two double beds, a working electric range, drawing tables, a full wireless Internet connection and much, much more.  The cost of a dormitory is approximately $1600 a year. Schedule your guided campus living tour today! There are also many extracurricular activities that our students can partake in. Soccer, Basketball, Football, Spanish club, Art club, drama productions, and so much more is available here for DUA students.


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