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Daetrin University of the Arts
Dragon Sports

"While we may be notorious for our academics, our athletic programs certainly do not squander." - Nathan Fierro, Dean of Admissions

Daetrin Dragons

Here at Daetrin, we take pride in our extracurricular activites.  We offer a wide spectrum of programs ranging from tennis to soccer to chess club.  Pep rallies are held every Friday evening from 8-11 P.M. by our very own Student Government committee.  Support our Daetrin dragons, here is a list of some, but certainly not limited to, activities:

DUA Basketball

* Lace up your hightops and grab your water bottle, DUA basketball season is here!  Games are held in the school gymnasium every Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 5 P.M..  Cheer on your dragons!

Dragon Football

* Football season is coming upon us, dragons!  The football coach, Jose Gonzalez, is looking for new players to fill his lines.  Email Jose at:  for more information today.

Dragon tennis

* Our tenacious tennis playing dragons here at Daetrin are always looking for new faces!  Matches are held every other Saturday on the tennis courts from 6 to 9 P.M.  Come and show some dragon spirit!

Dragons' Soccer

* Dragons' Soccer!  Who doesn't enjoy a warm summer day at the soccer fields watching the mighty dragons dominate their home-turf?  Both the men and women's soccer game dates to be announced closer to season.