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Dragon Lair
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The pictures that are on this site DO NOT  belong to me, I did not create them I am not claiming to have created them.  These are simply images I found on the internet and liked so decided to put them all together.  I tried to give the credit where it was due but I can't remember where I got some of these, my bad.  If there is an artist's name below the picture, don't even think about taking them, I had to get special permission from every artist to use their images - they are all copyrighted.  I hope you enjoy the little collection of dragon images..... and if you don't, oh well I enjoyed putting them together -  Oh by the way, check out the Bravenet message board at the bottom of the page :)

by : Dee Dreslough

by: Dee Dreslough

I realize it's not an Elfwood site, please bear with me I'm new to the site building community, I'll be updating periodically.